Where's Our Children is currently in the legal process of becoming an official 501(c)(3).  We are not accepting donations at this time until we complete our non-profit process-- but welcome those who want to be a part of our organization or give gifts as a way of believing in what we are doing.  


Our Mission:

We are a team of individuals from across the World.   We come from all walks of life--our team has different political views, religions, cultures, races, sexual orientations, and backgrounds.  We are coming together as one unified movement to bridge the divides that are currently in our society--to bring action to our vision.  We value passion, determination, honesty, transparency, and humility.


Our Vision:


We want to bring awareness to these issues to communities all over the world.  Let's stop talking about it and BE about it. 



Provide education to parents and communities on the warning signs of sex traffic targeting, how to prevent it, and how they can help us stop these predators in their tracks. 



We want to join forces with local authorities and groups to physically carry out rescue operations and provide post-rescue rehabilitations with therapeutic foster homes to provide tools to reintegrate survivors back into society safely. 



WE will fight for justice--for the predators that have sold and purchased our children--who have robbed them of their innocence. 



Prevention cycles back to awareness--we can't shut these issues down without continuing to speak out and join together.  We are an army and we won't stop.

Our Action:

*Spread the Word: Hosting Events/Marches/Rally's/Concerts etc.  Using Social Media Platforms to raise awareness

*Rescue Missions

*Therapeutic Foster Homes

*Training/Education for the Community and Volunteers

*Re-Writing/Creating Laws for Justice

*Completely eliminating Sex Trafficking Rings

*Bring EVERY Child Home

#MVAct and Repeat!

We are sure you're asking yourself "why don't we see anything about this on mainstream news broadcasts?"--that is the alarming issue--media outlets are supporting this industry by silencing organizations trying to bring this information into the light--we need to take a stand and expose the truths about what is going on.




Our Logo:


The barcode represents the "point of sale" of children into sex trafficking rings.  The heart placed on top/middle of the barcode resembles our love for the children-- and that love will over-power any price that was paid to exploit  these children's innocence.  The 'X', in general, implies something "final"/"chosen"/"silenced"--it represents the mark that was put on our children's voices.  The green part of the X is our organization--it stands for our action that we are taking to break through the silence and change the story--to give these children back their voices--to bring them home.  The breaking of the chains is what we are doing--we are breaking up the sex trafficking rings, we are breaking the chains that are keeping our children hidden, we are breaking the chains of silence.  We will win.  We will see justice served.  We will not stand blind on the sidelines. 

We will find our children.

A Message To Our Children::

You are NOT for sale.  We HEAR you.  We ARE coming. 

We WILL find you. 

We will NEVER stop fighting for you.